A community driven stewardship

An amazing local community and volunteers from all accross Puerto Rico and the US have come together to bring back the beauty of our natural resources and spaces around Punta Borinquen in Aguadilla.

This group of volunteers work in multiple fronts to protect, restore and maintain these areas.

A passionate group of volunteers that strive to...

Make healthy, secure and accesible spaces for the enjoyment of the public.

To maintain a balance and responsible use of these lands to ensure the protection of its unique ecosystems.

To preserve history and a community quality of life.

To bring you back to an amazing natural playground...

Beaches, trails, history and sights...

We work around the areas of the Former Air Force Ramey Base which was transferred to the Government of Puerto Rico in 1973 by means of a Grant Deed.

Grant Deed explicitly protects most of the natural areas (~642 acres) and designates them for public and recreational use. These lands are mainly under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks and Recreations.

The development of the area has being extremely poor, in serious decay, with most buildings now abandoned, the worst part are the natural areas which became jungles, hideouts for drug use and other illicit activities, dumpsters and unsafe for the general use.

Ownership, empowerment and community will

Little by little Rescate de Playas Borinquen brough back together a community to reclaim these spaces.

Everyday people answered and took to the challange...

Retaking these spaces ...

People are just amazing! what we can do when we come together, to be part of it feels even greater...

And we are forever thankful to our volunteers and supporters, your job made a difference... THANK YOU!!!

There is a whole lot more to do...

Over six years of your work has created a place that is accesible, safe and beautiful. We setup a baseline of what is possible and what we can accomplish, yet there is a whole lot more to do.

Our everyday

We work everyday on the upkeep of these areas.

To rescue, improve and restore more spaces.

Our nature

We work hard to ensure we strike a balance so this new accesibility does not endanger our ecosystems.

There still more work needed to build well designated common areas, trails and ways to protect our natural areas.

Bring it together

We strive to build sustainability and community reseliancy.

To create a truthful synergy of our natural resources, spaces and community.

To leverage a local economy to build and protect these areas.

Our work is the work of great people, people like you that choose to make a difference.

We invite you to come and joins us, support this beautiful place...