Projects Spotlights (Proyectos)

We are exited about all of the projects currently happening at different stages. Here is an overview of some of them.

Estamos muy emocionados de los diferentes proyectos que estan ocurriendo en diferentes etapas cada uno. A continuaciĆ³n un listado de algunos de ellos.

Community Eco-Center and Museum

Development of an abandoned building in Borinquen Beach as a Community Eco-Center and Museum.

In partnership with the Ramey Air Force Base Historical Association the facility will host the collections and historical archives of the Historical Association. A public access museum ran by community volunteers and based on donations.

Provide tourist information (link to services and tour providers, info on activities, events, etc) and bathroom facilities for visitors.

Provide for tours, walks, yoga and other activities driven by community members.

A space to facilitate cultural and social activities, among others, to drive engagement and visits to the area.

A space to anchor, support and drive business activities driven by the community.

A space for community and guest to share and drive community cohesion.

A space to conduct educational activities, forums, and community activities with the engagement of the area.

Rehabilitation of facilities will be completed using passive strategies to ensure the absolute minimum impact to the area, including the use of renewable energy.

The facility will provide storage of equipment used on the maintenance of the areas.

Passive observation platform

A ground level platfrom to provide a lookout point for whale and bird watching, scenic photography or just a place to admire nature and relax.

Build out from the new trail from Borinquen Beach to Las Ruinas.

Small foot print and build not to disturbe endemic vegetation in the area.

Our work is the work of great people, people like you that choose to make a difference.

We invite you to come and joins us, support this beautiful place...